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Signature Surveillance Leading CCTV Camera Installation, CCTV, Security Systems Dealers & Suppliers in Coimbatore, Tiruppur, Dindigul, Tamilnadu

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Hikvision is world leader of security surveillance solution. It distribute its products through dealer and distributor network in all over world. Hikvision have number of Cctv camera dealer and distributor in Tirupur. I Secure India is one of the best CCTV Camera Dealer in Tirupur of Hikvision and distributing products and providing excellent service and installation of CCTV security system all over Tirupur. Hikvision offer various type of products like as IP network camera, analog HD camera, Thermal Camera, PTZ Camera, Network Video recorder (NVR), Digital Video recorder (DVR), Access Control, Video Door Phone, Alarm System and Mobile DVR. We providing installation and maintenance services of all Hikvision products in Tirupur NCR. As a Hikvision dealer, we provide excellent solution like as smart city surveillance solutions, smart transportation solutions, smart health care solutions, smart banking solutions, smart hospitality solutions, smart tourism solutions, smart education solution and smart retail solution all over Tirupur.

Hikvision a Digital Surveillance Company, start journey in CCTV Camera industry 10 year back in Tirupur. Its motto to provide safety and security solution to end customer. Hikvision provide various type of security solution and products like as CCTV Camera, DVR, NVR, IP Camera, HD Camera, Access Control, Biometric System, VDP (Video Door Phone), Door Lock, SMPS, Power Supply, PTZ Camera, Cube Camera, CCTV Camera cable and Hikvision accessories in Tirupur. We have long list of CCTV camera authorised dealer and distributers in Tirupur. Today Hikvision world is become No. 1 Company of CCTV Camera industry in Tirupur India. It has largest network Channel Partner, CCTV Camera Dealers, Vender, CCTV Camera Distributors and customers in Tirupur India. We have biggest unit of CCTV Camera manufacturer and suppliers in Tirupur and providing best wholesale price of CCTV camera in Tirupur. We have inhouse technician of CCTV Camera installation in Tirupur and providing free customer support and onsite service to our valuable customers in Tirupur.

Our objective is provide complete CCTV Camera set or solutions in Tirupur to Home and Office, city and town, industrial security, smart traffic management, warehouses security, retail store management, school and collages, Hotels and restaurant, stadium and sports complex, food court and government institutions. Hikvision network camera is more demanding in Tirupur last few months. It is available in 1mp, 1.3mp, 2mp, 3mp, 4mp, 5mp, 6mp, 4k, 12mp and many more. Hikvision is also providing wireless CCTV camera or wifi camera in Tirupur as Ezykam Wi-Fi Camera. Hikvision is offering Network POE switch and other accessories of IP Network Installation. Customer can why any type of CCTV Camera in Tirupur from our dealers and distributors like as outdoor or bullet camera, indoor or dome camera, fisheye camera, cube camera, PTZ Camera and many more. Network and Digital Video Recorder (DVR & NVR) is best products of Hikvision. Hikvision DVR and NVR is available in 4CH, 8CH, 16CH, 24CH, 32CH, 64CH, 128CH and 256CH at CCTV camera shop and office of Dealers and distributors in Tirupur. Hikvision HD Camera is most selling products in last few years in Tirupur. Hikvision speed PTZ camera is available in both HD & IP Network technology. Hikvision is available in different body type like as Dome Camera, bullet camera, cube camera and cox type camera. Hikvision biometric attendance machine is available in different type features like as fingerprint time attendance, fingerprint access control and fingerprint attendance machine with EM Card in Tirupur. Hikvision mobile surveillance is available in various categories like as mobile camera, mobile digital video, digital video recorder, mobile network video, NVR and body worn camera. Hikvision is offering best price video door phone (VDP) is available for Villa, Multi Villa and multi apartments in Tirupur. Hikvision Tirupur branch or office offer you various monitors, brackets, housing, illuminators, lenses, power supply, POE switch and Keywords.




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